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Deciding on an approach to incentives is one of the first elements considered in the site selection program.  Communities expect
to compete for projects, and this competitive environment can work to your advantage when it is used to create leverage at
every opportunity.  This requires specific knowledge of how states and communities approach the negotiation, ways that your
project might actually benefit from incentives, and ways that incentive programs are typically exaggerated by those trying to
attract the investment.  All aspects of a project, from initial site assessments to the announcement of a location decision, are
treated as part of the negotiation.  Our clients' identities remain strictly confidential as long as necessary.

Facilitates an apples-to-apples comparison of the candidates.  Valuation calculations performed by a seasoned HERRON
CONSULTING professional generally reflect a more realistic view of the value that will accrue to the project’s owner. The real
value of incentives offered by communities is related to their usefulness to your project over time.  Determining this true value
requires the application of specialized knowledge and experience to develop a financial model that reflects probable events.

The Development Agreement incorporate all of the commitments made by the state, community and the project owner, and
stipulates the benefits that will accrue to the project.  Our location consultants work to minimize “clawbacks” and other negative
incentives that might otherwise reduce benefits, particularly during a time of economic contraction.

Examples of Tax and Non-Tax Incentives:
Incentives Negotiation

Community Participation In Start-Up, relocation or Expansion In-place

Negotiating for location incentives is an extremely cost-effective approach to recoup some or all of the costs to start-up an
operation, train the workforce, and reduce operating costs going forward.  By working with HERRON CONSULTING location
consultants our clients take advantage of our leverage with site owners, communities and states.  This leverage derives from our
representation of large projects, and the influence this creates for us in the economic development community.  We know which
procedures are likely to yield results because our location consultants are constantly working in communities around the nation.  

The method we employ evolves out of the client-consultant partnership, depending upon our client’s objectives.  
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