Services We Offer
Confidential Site Selection Consultants   
We develop a site selection strategy and/or business relocation model, and a decision process that mesh with a company's
competitive strategy, organization and management culture.  We engage the project's leadership and corporate staff in an
efficient and effective collaboration to achieve clearly defined goals.  Relying on our site selection consultants means that your
key staff are not distracted for many months by site selection issues, which frees up resources for application to other pressing
corporate needs.

Tax and Non-tax Incentives Experts
Incentives negotiation is a key component of a successful site selection program.  Indeed, this negotiation has allowed many
companies to expand in-place without the need to undertake actual relocation.  Our site selection consultants ensure that your
project receives the attention it deserves, and obtains the maximum incentives achievable.

Labor Force Analysis
We compare the labor force characteristics at competing locations and recommend the best location for a company's operations.  
We address labor productivity, flexibility, skills availability, wage and benefit costs, formal training opportunities and local training
partnerships, labor organizations, labor management relations, competition and other factors that impact your ability to recruit a
local work force, and also attract technical/management staff from outside the area.  

Relocation Strategy / Stay or Go Decision Support (Recapitalize vs Relocate?)  
For clients that are considering relocating existing operations, we begin by considering the qualitative and quantitative factors that
vary by geographic location, and calculating the realistic impacts of relocation in a financial pro forma.  If business relocation is
not an acceptable option, then we focus on how to best position the operations to remain in place, including negotiating with
landlords, states, communities, colleges and technical schools for significant economic incentives.

Site Suitability Assessment   
Our site selection consultants assist companies that are considering expanding on existing sites or developing projects on
preselected sites, by addressing potential obstacles to successful implementation or long term performance, and recommending
strategies to resolve issues.  We consider the opportunity for negotiated economic and non-economic incentives, regional utilities
and site infrastructure, demographic change and labor force availability, work force productivity and quality, training programs,
competitive pressures,  operating cost escalations, zoning/land use controls, development patterns, state/local regulatory
climates and other key factors.  

Search For Available Facilities
We find suitable available facilities that can be adapted for reuse to meet specific client needs for manufacturing, warehouse and
distribution, food and beverage processing, aviation/aerospace, and energy facilities.  
Location Optimization and Site Selection

Site Selection Consultants Assisting Clients With Critical Location Decisions
HERRON CONSULTING knows business site selection.  We provide location optimization services including corporate site selection,  
business relocation, government incentives negotiation and economic development consulting to major US and global companies as
well as small businesses.  We use a proven site selection decision process and insightful site selection criteria to advise clients on
locations for their corporate assets, including site selection for new operations, expansion, consolidation, relocation and M&As.  
Operations at newly selected sites offer huge savings in nonrecurring costs and annual operating costs, market penetration,
workforce development and enhanced labor productivity, and increased flexibility to manage future events.  

Stay-in-place options and negotiated economic incentives with state and local governments are often key considerations.  By
offering a seasoned approach and individualized solutions for remaining competitive in a global marketplace, we ensure our clients
unlock the value of their property and deploy their resources geographically to create maximum advantage.  

A Trusted Partner -- Confidential Clients  
Our clients' identities remain strictly confidential as long as necessary.  As client needs change, this partnering leads naturally to a
relationship that often progresses through multiple engagements.
A Few Questions We Have Helped Our Clients Answer  
  • Where can we position our resources to maintain long-term innovation and technology advantages?  
  • Should we expand in-place, or relocate operations to a more favorable location?  
  • How will supply chain optimization impact a financial comparison of alternatives?
  • Will negotiated incentives tip the scale?  
  • Where can we partner with the best community college / technical training programs?
  • Which locations will allow us to maintain our position as the low-cost producer?
  • What are the advantages of disaggregating or consolidating operations?
  • Are hidden issues likely to impact future profitability of our planned acquisition target?
  • Where are the best all-around business climates for future suppliers?
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