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Economic Growth & Business Retention  
Economic Development Strategies  
Tailored comprehensive strategies focusing on: Employer
Surveys, Demographic Analysis, Competitive Assessment Study,
Target Industry Analysis and Marketing Plan.  

Web Site Design
We assist our clients to stay in touch with internal and external
stakeholders and prospects, by developing web sites and social
networking platforms they can easily update via user-friendly
content management software.  

Community Competitive Assessments
We tap our successful corporate site selection experiences to
identify and describe competitive assets and constraints of a
location for specific types of businesses, including comparison
with competitor locations.

Target Industry Recommendations
We identify specific industries communities should target for
economic  growth (retention, attraction and internal expansion)
based on locational assets, constraints and our industry expertise.

Business Retention and Expansion  
Business retention and expansion generates up to 70% or more
of the economic growth in a community.  We conduct confidential
stakeholder interviews, focus groups and surveys, to develop
unique business retention and expansion strategies.

Economic Development Marketing Plans
We tailor the plan to the target audience, objectives, time frame,
and budget. Primary focus areas are business retention, internal
expansion and business attraction.

Site Certification / Shovel-Ready Certification
Attracting fast-paced projects requires that the site selection
decision maker believe the site is potentially suitable for the
intended use. We certify sites as appropriate for specific uses,
applying criteria we develop in partnership with the EDO.

Workforce Studies
We evaluate the availability and productivity of the workforce in
an area, and the characteristics of the employed, unemployed
and underemployed relative to the needs of future industries.

SWOT Analyses  
We identify and assess economic development-related strengths,
weaknesses, opportunities and threats, and recommend steps to
enhance a community's assets, overcome its weaknesses, and
meet oncoming threats.

Grant Review/Grant Preparation  
We are a grant reviewer for several federal government grant
programs, serving on grant review committees and also as the
program chair.   On non-conflicting programs we also advise
communities on their grant applications, and/or complete the
grant application as appropriate.
Economic Development Services  

Our community and economic development advisory service provides individualized solutions for remaining competitive in a global
marketplace. Satisfied clients include governments, utilities, not for profit EDOs and developers that benefit from our unparalleled
insights and practical development strategies that guide them toward realizing their full potential.
Development & Redevelopment Planning
Economic Impact Assessment  
Economic assessments have been critical to many project
review and approval decisions.  They are also extremely
useful tools in public education programs intended to enhance
informed decision making and consensus building.

Urban / Rural Redevelopment Strategies
We work closely with the client to craft specific strategies and
formulate “fitting and appropriate” recommendations for the
redevelopment of a site, neighborhood or community.

Land Use Recommendations
We provide recommendations on the responsible use of land to
maximize its future economic benefits.  

Focus Groups
We facilitate discussions in focus groups related to economic/
community development, business retention, site selection
topics, and specific initiatives or projects.

Community / Neighborhood Improvement Plans
We prepare achievable improvement plans for a community or a
neighborhood based on our assessment of the conditions in the
area, its assets and constraints.

Real Estate Market Assessment
We provide complete market studies for residential, office, retail,
hotel, industrial and mixed-use projects.

Training & Community Outreach  
Economic Development Training Workshops  
We prepare and deliver workshops on a wide range of economic
development and site selection topics for utilities, chambers,
businesses, and other public, private and not-for-profit clients.

Seminars for Practitioners and Leaders
Community leaders and decision makers are inclined to support
economic development initiatives when they understand the
complex issues confronting economic developers and the
demands of site selection consultants and business owners.  We
develop and deliver seminars for economic development
practitioners, board members, community and business leaders.

Speaker program
Examples of recent speaking engagements:
Economic Development Orientation - Entergy Louisiana    
Winning Site Selection Projects - GA Economic Developers Assoc.
Demographic Change and Workforce - Roundtable In The South  
How Site Selectors Make Decisions - NC Economic Developers Assoc.
Shovel Ready Sites Certification - Northeast Utilities / Connecticut  
.  Economic Research Council   
Aerospace & Automotive Panel - Southern Economic Dev. Council
Site Consultants Panel - International Economic Dev. Council  
Community Preparedness - Western NC Regional Association  
Community Participation In Site Selection Process - Mid America  
.  Economic Development Council
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